Professional Lyceum of Vrodados

Our Organization belongs to the Secondary Education of Greece. In Professional Lyceum of Vrodados , there are three sectors: Economic studies on Employment and Tourism, Building Construction Designers and Maritime studies. The location of the Lyceum is in Vrodados, which is the second town in size of Chios Island. Chios Island is on the borders of Greece, and very close to Turkey.

 About our school

The number of pupils is 160 and the teachers are 30. The experience in European Programmes is in a good level. – we have taken part in Leonardo da Vinci Programme,  as a Sending Partner , twice during the last 3 years and we will realize a new one next year. Our National Agency has already accepted it. Our pupils are mainly of Greek Nationality , but also Albanian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian.

 In the  laboratory of the Design Building Constructions Sector, there are Machines such as: Sieves Shaker,  Compression Tester on Cubes and Cylinders , Marshall Compression Load Frame , Vicat Apparatus , Proctor Apparatus , Atterberg Limits Device , Earth quake Simulator , Digital Total Stations , GPS and others.

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