Craft college

Lifelong learning is a main element of the European education and continuous process of personal development, acquisition of new knowledge and an adjustment to the labour market and to circumstances of life.

Practice shows that knowledge gained through formal education is not sufficient for an entire working life, because of the increasingly rapid technological and social changes in the existing knowledge, skills, values ​​and attitudes which are becoming more and more outdated.

Craft College is an institution for adult education founded in 2006. It is located in Zagreb, Ilica 49.

The role of Craft College is continuous researching of needs in Crafts for appropriate personnel and devolopment of teaching curricula and plans based on occupational standards.


Tasks of Craft College are:

  •         linking vocational education with economy and regional development
  •         establishing a network system with companies and other educational institutions
  •         taking an advisory role for education institutions and companies in the region
  •          encouraging innovations in craft
  •          offering consultancy services and information for students and parents, future participants in the crafts educational process.

Craft College organizes educational programmes according to the needs of the labour market for craft and entrepreneurship. In educational programmes craftsmen are included, their employees, companies, Croatian Employment Service and unemployed persons registered with CES. Craft College is open for cooperation and organizes training courses, seminars and specialized courses for areas craftsmen are showing interest in, or for the fields that labour market currently focuses on.


Address: Ilica 49/I, Zagreb, Croatia

Telephone: + 385 1 4826012

National ID: 66251160841

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