Info Sheet – FRANCE

Reduce the carbon footprint : The house in straw
Our main project, led mosly by our teachers Bruno Tiberge (woodwork) and Mickael Ramos (Construction) was the construction of a house in straw to reduice our carbon footprint.
Most students from our school participated, as well as ur partners when we hosted the mobility in October. This was a fantastic experience.
This project was also led with the help of Mister Barelli, our Headmaster, and Christophe Gaboriau, our accountant.

ECOhouse in straw
ECOproject tenon and mortise

The sgraffitto technique

This is an explanation for the Sgraffitto technique From Italy which was experienced during the Mobility In France with Coralie Blin, our decoration teacher.


ECOsgraffitto france
ECO egg painting

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