Common Goals and strategies for ECO partnership project 2013-2015


‘ECO – Traditional Techniques for Construction and Landscape Sectors’

Project Duration:     1 August 2013 – 31 July 2015

Project partners:

  1. Derby College, Derby, UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Professiional Lyceum of Vrodados, Chios Island, GREECE
  3. Espoon seudun koulutuskuntayhtyma Omnia, Espoo-Helsinski, FINLAND
  4. Craft College, adult education institution, Zagreb, CROATIA
  5. Establisssement Regional d’Enseignement Adapte „Les Terres Rouges“, ST Barhelemy d’Anjou, FRANCE
  6. Craftsmen Association Zagreb, CROATIA

Project aim:

The aim of the ECO-traditional techniques for construction and landscape sectors partnership project is to respond to the needs of the labour market by investigating, collecting, sharing and learning sustainable construction and landscape building and maintenance techniques.

Partners’ tasks:

UK – project coordination

Greece – will investigate traditional building skills in the context of the needs of the labour market prior to the first mobilisation and produce a PowerPoint presentations with updated information after each mobilisation.

Finland – will design the template and oversee the traditional skills info sheets from the materials provided by all partners.

Croatia – Craft College will design a web page which will be available to all interested parties during and at the end of the project. Association of Craftsmen Zagreb will act as a representative of the industry to provide information on the labour market needs.

France – develop and administer the pre/post evaluation form and provide regular feedback to the partners of the project. From this feedback the overall success of the project is evaluated and it forms the basis for planning of future mobilisations with any strengths and weaknesses from the current one taken into an account.

In anticipation of the further traditional skills need for the construction and landscape industry, an accessible resource bank will be available on the partnership web page which holds both, the findings of the project and the traditional skills info sheets which provide visual information about the different traditional craft techniques that participants have shared with each other. These info sheets provide historical background for each of the techniques, the relevant materials, equipment and health and safety considerations.

This is a partnership of five European vocational colleges and an Association of Craftsmen working within the construction and landscape curriculum and benefitting from the value added from the involvement of local agencies and businesses such as Bowmer & Kirkland and Derby Homes (UK), Chios Architects Association (Greece) and Techniques et Chantiers (France) as well as a number of local SME’s. It is expected that the assembly of this European wide industry and educational expertise will provide a highly unique opportunity to bring an exceptional knowledge, skills and expertise to the project in order to respond to the labour market needs whilst actively promoting the acquisition of eco-traditional craft skills.

With this project, participants will further broaden their horizons and have a change to see teaching, learning and work in other countries, thus realising the possibility of increased success of young peoples’ transition to the labour market. This will be achieved by combining mobilisations with the partners’ lesson delivery schemes and practical hands on activities leading up to and during visits. The partnership will also aim to promote educational and language/cultural development of staff and students; raise awareness of international labour markets and enable participants to consider themselves as an international professionals.


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